The Book Of RA – Game Series

Dated: 30 Jul 2016
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About The Game

The BOOK OF RA is the most fascinating and prototypical clubhouse game. Mostly the players are gamblers because it is more of a betting game. Most of the gamblers adore this game due to the insurmountable presence of jackpots and treasures. The game carries the players to a unique Egyptian world full of its civilization including pharaohs and scarabs. It is the most played online game by the gamblers. The players get fully involved in finding and exploring the allegorical book which in turn helps the player in acquiring wealth. The fascinating sound effects and symbols used in the game rapt the attention of the gambler. The player has to play the role of an explorer.  Visit here for more ifomation



  • Game levels
  1. There are basically two version of the game available till now, i.e. THE BOOK OF RA-CLASSIC VERSION & THE BOOK OF RA- DELUXE VERSION.
  2. The owner of these slot games are Gaminator and Novoline.
  3. This game is very popular in various internet club houses as they provide a major bonus. The ENERGY CASINO is a lively example of an internet club house which provides the gamblers a bonus of up to 100%.
  4. It is contemplated to be the most famous and perfect online slot game which is available on the website for free.
  5. For playing this enthralling game, there is no need to load any new software. You can simply play it on Google chrome or Mozilla Firefox.


  • Procedure of the game


  1. The classic version of the game contains 5 reels along with 9 play lines.
  2. The second version is a bit modified with improved facilities as it consists of 5 reels along with 10 lines.
  3. The main objective of the game is to link at least 3 to 5 symbols from left to right.
  4. The book symbol assists as the bonus symbol and joker symbol. If a player earns a maximum of 3 bonus symbols then the bonus game starts.
  5. For attaining a jackpot, the player need not locate the book symbols because these symbols are scattered. If a bonus game starts, it brings the player an advantage of 10 free spins which aids as a joker for the period of the jackpot.

This game takes the players to a whole new world of enigmatic fairytale and opens up the doors to new treasures and mysteries.