Online Casinos Now Offer Everything from Bingo Cards to Poker

Dated: 13 Mar 2015
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Not too long ago, each online gambling site specialized in one thing and one thing only. You had to have an account with an online casino in order to play casino games, another account with a bookmaker to place sports bets, another account at a poker room to play poker, another account at an online bingo hall, and so on. Luckily, for players who want to play many different kinds of games, those days are long gone.

Now, sites like Ladbrokes, William Hill, or bwin offer every game under the sun, all tied together with a single account. Players can effortlessly switch from bingo to blackjack, Texas Hold ‘Em to video poker, they can bet on sports while playing slot machines. For complete gamblers, it is a dream come true.

The advantages go far beyond convenience, though. Players are able to save money by reducing the amount of transactions they make. Likewise, they can maximize their bonuses and loyalty benefits by taking advantage of switching between games. For instance, you could earn free bingo cards by playing poker, or unlock a bonus no matter if you play craps or bet or sports.

Of course, there are still some very good reasons to keep your accounts at dedicated online casinos, bingo halls, or poker rooms. Online casinos such as Slots Magic Casino are able to provide a much larger suite of casino games like slots with much higher quality graphics, better payouts, and more personal service than the all-in-one online gambling houses ever could. If you really love one kind of game, such as blackjack or slots, it’s far better to stay with a top online casino.

It will take time to tell whether the all-in-one casino concept or the traditional dedicated gambling destinations win out in the end. But the huge choice that players have make them the true winners.

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